Clark Williams with the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 BBC Monitors

Clark and Mikey Fremer in a more serious moment

Funk Firm Vector turntable, Lyra Dorian cartridge, Sutherland Direct Line Stage and Ph3D Phono Stage, Silver Circle Audio pure power one 3.0 all on a Symposium Acoustics Isis Rack.

Yours truly with the pure power one 5.0

Marc and Brad manning the LP’s

Scott Fink of 3 Forks Montana receiving his SCA iPod cable in our giveaway. Sgt. Fink just returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq with the Air National Guard.  Scott is a construction engineer. He emailed his wife months ago from Iraq saying the were going to RMAF.  Lovely folks.  Congratulations, Scott.

Ron Sutherland explaining to a guest why the Ph3D is so cool.

Ty Lashbrook of Tyler Acoustics with his PD-15 speakers, Jolida CD player and 300B integrated amp, Silver circle Audio cables and power conditioner.









In our second appearance at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, we were invited to strut our stuff with Acoustic Sounds, Inc., of Salina Kansas, best known for so many things, including having the largest inventory of audiophile LP’s in the world, promoting the best of music and blues at their annual Bluesmasters at the Crossroads, importing some really fine audio gear, and on and on see (  Oh yeah, Chad Kassem runs the place, resident chief cook and bottle washer and audio wunderkind.

The equipment we showed in the room included the Funk Firm Vector turntable with a Lyra Dorian cartridge, a Sutherland Direct Line Stage, Ron’s new Ph3D phono stage, Manley Snapper monoblocks, the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 BBC monitors, and the Symposium Acoustics Isis equipment rack.  Silver circle Audio provided the cabling and power conditioning: TimeWise interconnects, CS-12 loudspeaker cables, Vesuvius power cords, and the pure power one 3.0 and 5.0 power conditioners.

Lest I forget, Ron Sutherland was also a part of this incredible synergy.  Founder of Sutherland Engineering, co-founder of Martin-Logan, and ballroom dancer extraordinaire, Ron lent his presence and expertise to the proceedings.  Ron is one of those wonderful down home, down-to-earth, American original geniuses that pop up all too infrequently on the landscape.  Generally uncomfortable in the public eye, Ron is usually content to sit in the background thinking, designing, and plotting the takeover of all the analogue reel-to-reel tapes he get his hands on. It was a pleasure to meet him.
Oh, how about a word from Ron:

Good morning Dave,

I just back from the Music Fest show.  It was so gratifying to have such a good sounding system to share with the guests.  Clark did a great job of putting together a system that was sounded so musical in such a harsh environment.   No doubt the hotel's raw AC power line was one noisy mess and I am so glad we had your PP1 power conditioners there to give us the isolation. 

It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you very much your important contribution to our musically involving system.

Take care,


Our pleasure, Ron.

On to the above-mentioned synergy.  You know, when it’s right, sometimes it’s really right.  At RMAF 2006, Clark Williams got it really right.  The system amazed all who came within earshot.  The Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2’s made jaws drop, including Ron’s.  Their size belied the amazing sounds that poured forth.  One of my favorite demo LP’s at the show was Laurindo Almeida and Ray Brown “Moonlight Serenade (Jeton; Acoustic Sounds #: AJET 33004).  When Ray Brown eases his bow across the strings and windows start to vibrate, people ask, “Where’s the subwoofer?” Well, there wasn‘t any. It was just amazing.

Time after time, people commented on how easy it was to listen to the system.  Jason Victor Serinus (See his blog link to Stereophile below) commented that, “…from it all came some lovely sound that I would think would encourage a lot of listeners to settle into a comfortable chair and forget about everything except the music.” Amen.  If you haven’t availed yourself of the opportunity to hear some of the gear we showed at RMAF, you do owe it to yourself and your wallet to give a listen.

Of course, Acoustic Sounds also had a booth on the main floor selling LP’s and the like, including Michael Fremer’s DVD on turntable setup.  Marc Sheforgen and Brad Hoppock ably manned the booth.  Marc is best know for writing just about every word in the Acoustic Sounds catalogue, on the website, and being a consummate blues diehard.  Brad mans the phone lines at Acoustic Sounds and is a singer-songwriter of some talent.

But wait, there’s more… In addition to the wonderful sounds heard in the Acoustic Sounds room, there were some lovely sounds coming from the Tyler Acoustics room down the hall. Ty Lashbrook was showing his PD-15  pro line speakers with a Jolida tube CD player and a 300B integrated.  He used our CS-12 loudspeaker cables as well as TimeWise interconnects and a pure power one done in Zebrawood that matched the beautiful speakers.  The sound was clean musical and very easy to listen to.  This is the speaker system that received such glowing comments following CES this last January.  Ty is a genuine Southern gentleman and one of the nicest guys I have met in audio. No pretense, just fabulous speakers at real world prices.  Give them a listen. (



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